Exciting Opportunity at The Citizen Foundation TCF – Senior Manager – Languages & Arts

Exciting Opportunity at The Citizen Foundation TCF – Senior Manager – Languages & Arts.Are you passionate about talent acquisition and creating a positive impact in education? The Citizen Foundation (TCF), a renowned non-profit organization dedicated to providing quality education, is inviting skilled professionals to join their team. If you have the experience and enthusiasm for leading talent acquisition initiatives, this opportunity might be your gateway to a fulfilling career with a meaningful purpose.

Exciting Opportunity at The Citizen Foundation TCF – Senior Manager – Languages & Arts


Published: October 30, 2023

Location: Karachi

Category: Office Jobs

Job Type: Permanent

Departments: Formal Schools Program Design

Expected Travel: Occasional

Field of Interest: Academics

Exciting news from Karachi! We are thrilled to announce a new permanent position within our Formal Schools Program Design department. If you have a passion for academics and are keen on occasional travel opportunities, this role might be your perfect fit. Join us in Karachi and be a part of our dynamic team, where your enthusiasm for academics will help shape the future of education!



The incumbent will provide overall vision, direction, guidance and support to TCF schools’ curriculum design and development teams on the overall planning, development, and review of TCF’s curricula related to language and arts teaching (English, Urdu, Social Studies, Islamiat, etc.). The activities undertaken by these teams include but are not limited to: developing frameworks for teaching and learning materials for these learning areas, managing content development for learning and instructional materials, reviewing content created internally as well as by external partners, etc. The incumbent will be responsible for hiring, developing, leading and providing support to curriculum leads and managers responsible for these projects, as well as conducting other tasks like managing expenditure.

  • Lead a team of curriculum leads and developers in the development of languages and arts curricula that is aligned with TCF’s vision.
  • Hire, develop, retain and appraise his/her team enabling a culture of deep thinking, questioning, researching, collaborating and creating.
  • Plan and track annual targets ensuring work quality and timeliness.
  • Provide extensive feedback on the development of English, Urdu and Social Studies textbooks and instructional manuals, research and curriculum frameworks, syllabi, and other curriculum documents.
  • Lead the design, development and implementation of pilot programmes before they are scaled across the network e.g. the Middle English Programme.
  • Participate in education management committees with the objective of developing policies, vision and direction for learning and training activities in schools.
  • Make purposeful school visits to observe classrooms and library activities, speak to teachers and principals to gauge and fulfill gaps in implementation through better design or capacity building of faculty.
  • Collaborate with multiple internal and external stakeholders on a range of projects related to the development of curriculum, student learning outcomes, testing and similar activities.
  • Research innovative modes of instructional delivery and pedagogical practices if required.
  • Prepare clear, user-friendly reports, presentations, and data visualizations for the education management team for strategic road-mapping.
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  • Strong leadership skills
  • Strong project management skills
  • Strong skills in design-thinking and problem-solving skills with attention-to-detail
  • Knowledge of or interest in instructional approaches for language acquisition
  • Ability to plan and organize activities within timelines
  • Ability to read and critically analyze data and situations
  • Ability to research and collate information
  • Ability to question
  • Ability to review and analyze curricular content
  • Strong advisor/partnering skills to work effectively with designers and program developers
  • Passion to stay current on educational content and teaching methods
  • Strong communication skills in Urdu and English
  • Expertise of Microsoft Office
  • Ability to understand the nuances of the different contexts in which TCF schools operate.


Bachelor’s degree minimum, Master’s degree preferable (in an Education-related field preferred)


At least 6 years. Experience preferred in school leadership, teacher training or curriculum design and development.

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