Exciting Opportunity at Northern Bottling Company Pvt. Ltd.: Join Our Team as a Sales Manager

Exciting Opportunity at Northern Bottling Company Pvt. Ltd.: Join Our Team as a Sales Manager. Are you a dynamic and results-oriented professional with a strong background in sales? Northern Bottling Company Pvt. Ltd. is thrilled to announce a career opportunity for a Sales Manager. If you have a passion for sales strategy, marketing plans, and achieving business goals, we want to hear from you.

Exciting Opportunity at Northern Bottling Company Pvt. Ltd.


Key Responsibilities:

  • Develop sales strategy and marketing plans to achieve company sales goals and profitability.
  • Compile and execute plans/objectives to attain zone/area-wise primary/secondary sales and products/packages availability targets.
  • Conduct regular market visits to supervise the execution of set objectives/plans, ensuring desired results and building strong relationships with dealers and wholesalers.
  • Gather market intelligence regarding market share, trends, competition activities, and communicate findings accurately to seniors for better monitoring and controls.
  • Supervise the proper injection/placement and optimal utilization of company assets in the market, including coolers, glass, shell, and signage.
  • Monitor stock transactions at all levels against planning and forecasting.
  • Manage distribution through software to ensure the proper execution of sales operations, ROI, KPIs, GTM, GTD, and inventory management.


  • 07-08 years of relevant sales experience in FMCG.


  • BBA/MBA or equivalent degree with specialization in Marketing.

Location: 16-Industrial Estate, Jamrud Road, Hayatabad, Peshawar

How to Apply: Send your application to [email protected]

At Northern Bottling Company Pvt. Ltd., we value talent, innovation, and dedication. Join us and be a part of a team that is committed to achieving excellence in sales and customer satisfaction. This is an excellent opportunity to contribute to the growth of a leading company in the FMCG industry. Don’t miss your chance to make a significant impact and advance your career. Apply now and embark on a rewarding journey with us.

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Joining Northern Bottling Company Pvt. Ltd. as a Sales Manager presents a range of compelling reasons that make it an excellent career choice:

  1. Innovative Environment: Northern Bottling Company is a leader in the FMCG industry, constantly exploring innovative strategies and marketing plans. Joining us means becoming part of a team that embraces creativity and fosters a culture of innovation in sales and marketing.
  2. Leadership Opportunity: As a Sales Manager, you will play a pivotal role in developing and executing sales strategies. Your leadership will directly impact the company’s sales goals and profitability, allowing you to make a tangible difference within the organization.
  3. Challenging Responsibilities: The role offers diverse and challenging responsibilities, from market visits to supervising distribution and gathering market intelligence. This variety keeps the job engaging, allowing you to continually develop new skills and expertise.
  4. Professional Growth: Northern Bottling Company is committed to the growth and development of its employees. Working here provides opportunities for continuous learning, skill enhancement, and career progression. You will have access to training programs and resources designed to help you excel in your role.
  5. Positive Work Environment: Joining our team means becoming part of a positive and supportive work environment. You’ll collaborate with experienced professionals and have the opportunity to learn from industry experts. Teamwork and mutual respect are core values at Northern Bottling Company.
  6. Industry Impact: Northern Bottling Company is a respected name in the FMCG sector. By working here, you become part of a company that influences market trends, consumer behavior, and industry standards. Your contributions will shape the company’s position in the market.
  7. Focus on Relationships: Building strong relationships with dealers and wholesalers is a key aspect of the role. Northern Bottling Company values interpersonal connections, and your ability to cultivate these relationships will be highly regarded and rewarded.
  8. Contribution to Growth: As part of our team, you will contribute directly to the company’s growth and success. Your efforts will be recognized, and you will have the opportunity to take on additional responsibilities as you progress in your career.
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Exciting Opportunity at Northern Bottling Company

In summary, joining Northern Bottling Company Pvt. Ltd. offers not just a job but a fulfilling career where you can contribute meaningfully, grow professionally, and be part of a company that values innovation and excellence. If you are looking for a challenging yet rewarding opportunity in the FMCG industry, Northern Bottling Company is the ideal place to further your career. Come and be a part of our dynamic team, where your skills and expertise are valued and celebrated.

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