Career Opportunities at Zubair Feeds Pvt Ltd

Explore Exciting Career Opportunities at Zubair Feeds Pvt Ltd. Are you a talented professional seeking a rewarding career in the finance, accounting, auditing, or HR sector?

Look no further! Zubair Feeds Pvt Ltd, a leading company in the manufacturing and poultry industry, is currently hiring dynamic individuals to join our team. We are dedicated to fostering a diverse and inclusive work environment where your skills and expertise can flourish.

Explore Exciting Career Opportunities at Zubair Feeds Pvt Ltd

1. Finance Officer


  • Qualification: MBA Finance or Equivalent
  • Experience: Minimum 5 years of hands-on experience in documentation for acquiring finance from banks, mark-up calculations, repayment schedule preparation, voucher posting & verification of principal & mark-up payments, and reconciliation of finance accounts.

2. Accountant


  • Qualification: M.Com/B.Com
  • Experience: 3 years of relevant experience in accounting.

3. Internal Auditor


  • Qualification: M.Com/B.Com
  • Experience: Minimum 3 years’ experience in operational auditing.

4. HR Officer


  • Qualification: BBA (HR) or Equivalent
  • Experience: 3 years’ experience in talent acquisition and HR operations.

Additional Preferences: Candidates with a background in manufacturing or the poultry industry will be given preference.

How to Apply: Interested candidates are invited to send their updated CVs no later than October 10th, 2023, to [email protected]. For any inquiries, please feel free to contact us at 051-4450020.

Company Address: 469-D/A, 6th Road, Satellite Town, Rawalpindi

At Zubair Feeds Pvt Ltd, we believe in nurturing talent and providing a platform for professional growth. Join us in our journey of excellence!

Joining Zubair Feeds Pvt Ltd offers numerous benefits and opportunities for individuals looking to advance their careers in the finance, accounting, auditing, or HR sectors. Here are several compelling reasons why you should consider joining our team:

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**1. ** Professional Growth: Zubair Feeds Pvt Ltd is committed to fostering a culture of learning and development. We provide our employees with continuous training and growth opportunities, enabling them to enhance their skills and advance their careers.

**2. ** Innovative Work Environment: We encourage creativity and innovation. Joining us means being part of a dynamic team where your ideas are valued, and you have the chance to contribute to innovative solutions in the manufacturing and poultry industry.

**3. ** Career Advancement: We recognize and reward hard work and dedication. Exceptional performance is acknowledged and rewarded, providing employees with a clear path for career advancement within the company.

**4. ** Diverse and Inclusive Culture: Zubair Feeds Pvt Ltd values diversity and inclusion. We celebrate differences and believe that a diverse workforce enhances creativity and productivity. Our inclusive culture ensures that every employee feels respected and valued.

**5. ** Competitive Compensation: We offer competitive salary packages and benefits to attract and retain top talent. Your efforts and skills are duly recognized and rewarded, ensuring you are fairly compensated for your contributions.

**6. ** Impactful Work: Working in the manufacturing and poultry industry means being part of a sector that plays a vital role in food production. Your work at Zubair Feeds Pvt Ltd contributes directly to meeting the global demand for high-quality poultry products, making a tangible impact on people’s lives.

**7. ** Supportive Team: At Zubair Feeds Pvt Ltd, you will be part of a supportive and collaborative team. We believe in teamwork and collaboration, creating an environment where everyone works together to achieve common goals.

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**8. ** Company Values: We uphold strong values of integrity, professionalism, and customer satisfaction. Joining us means aligning with these values and contributing to a company that is dedicated to delivering exceptional products and services.

In summary, joining Zubair Feeds Pvt Ltd offers not just a job, but a fulfilling career where you can grow, learn, and make a meaningful impact. If you are passionate about your field of expertise and are looking for a supportive and innovative workplace, we invite you to consider joining our team. Your skills and dedication will be valued, and you will have the opportunity to thrive in a vibrant and rewarding work environment.

Explore Exciting Career Opportunities at Zubair Feeds Pvt Ltd

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