Leading Excellence in Production: Team Leader Role in Punjab, Pakistan at PEPSICO

Leading Excellence in Production: Team Leader Role in Punjab, Pakistan. Introduction: In the heart of Punjab, Pakistan, the role of a Team Leader in Production within the supply chain is a pivotal one. This position focuses on ensuring the seamless operation of production lines, fostering a culture of excellence, and driving engagement within the team. Let’s explore the responsibilities and qualifications that define this influential role.

Leading Excellence in Production: Team Leader Role in Punjab, Pakistan at PEPSICO

Job Overview: As a Team Leader in Production, based in Punjab, Pakistan, the primary objective is to collaborate with the shift floor labor supervisor to guarantee the presence of labor on production lines and the availability of materials. The role involves providing leadership to the team, coordinating workloads, offering support for goal attainment, monitoring issues, and ensuring production targets are met. Emphasis is also placed on developing the team’s performance during shifts and supporting the achievement of high standards while prioritizing safety.


  1. Plant Production Operations:
    • Ensure the availability of materials on production lines according to the production plan.
    • Manage the presence of an adequate labor force, including packers/helpers and Tapers, based on agreed demand.
    • Optimize labor hours to maximize product yields and minimize waste and breakage.
    • Ensure daily production targets are met, and compliance with DLS (Daily Line Schedule) & MPS (Master Production Schedule) scores.
    • Monitor inventory levels against agreed target levels of operating supplies.
    • Issue duty rosters for packers/helpers.
    • Oversee the operation of Commercial grade starch unit operations and Waste Room Operations.
    • Maintain housekeeping, quality, and safety standards.
    • Act as the second in command for the Front-Line Manager (FLM) and an integral part of the Emergency Response Team (ERT) during emergency management.
    • Oversee entire operations in the absence of the Front-Line Manager.
  2. Engagement:
    • Advocate for PepsiCo Behaviors & new Ways of Working.
    • Lead action planning for Occupational Health and Safety (OHS) for frontline associates, primarily Level A (90+ population).
    • Drive engagement at the frontline by leading the agreed action items in the engagement calendar of the site.
  3. Industrial and Employee Relations (IR/ER):
    • Work closely with the Front-Line Manager to maintain industrial peace during shift operations.
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  • Knowledge/Skill:
    • Bachelor of Engineering/Food Technologist.
  • Experience:
    • Preferably 2-3 years in a similar capacity or operating organization with exposure to Employee Relations (ER) and Industrial Relations (IR).

Conclusion: The Team Leader in Production role in Punjab, Pakistan, presents a unique opportunity to lead and influence the success of production operations. With a focus on excellence, engagement, and industrial relations, this role is ideal for individuals with a passion for driving high standards in a dynamic manufacturing environment.

Joining the role of Team Leader in Production in Punjab, Pakistan offers a compelling opportunity for individuals seeking a dynamic and impactful position within the supply chain. Here are several reasons why considering this role could be a rewarding career move:

  1. Leadership and Impact:
    • As a Team Leader, you will play a key role in ensuring the smooth operation of production lines. Your leadership will directly impact the team’s performance, contributing to the achievement of production targets and maintaining high standards.
  2. Collaboration and Coordination:
    • Collaborating with the shift floor labor supervisor and overseeing the coordination of workloads demonstrates your ability to work effectively with diverse teams. This role allows you to enhance your skills in team management and coordination.
  3. Continuous Improvement:
    • Fostering a culture of working safely and focusing on shift performance requirements provides opportunities for continuous improvement. You will be instrumental in driving efficiencies and minimizing waste in production processes.
  4. Engagement and Advocacy:
    • Acting as a credible advocate for PepsiCo Behaviors and new Ways of Working shows a commitment to promoting a positive work culture. Leading action planning for Occupational Health and Safety (OHS) and driving engagement initiatives contribute to a motivated and satisfied workforce.
  5. Operational Oversight:
    • Overseeing plant production operations and managing emergency response situations as part of the Emergency Response Team (ERT) demonstrates your ability to handle diverse operational challenges. This exposure adds depth to your skill set.
  6. Career Development:
    • With a focus on developing the team’s performance and meeting high standards, this role provides a platform for personal and professional growth. You’ll have the opportunity to enhance your leadership skills and expand your expertise in production operations.
  7. Industry Exposure:
    • Working in a global brand like PepsiCo ensures exposure to industry-leading standards and practices. This experience adds significant value to your professional profile and opens doors for future career opportunities.
  8. Employee and Industrial Relations:
    • Managing industrial peace during shift operations and working closely with the Front-Line Manager in employee relations showcases your ability to handle complex human resource aspects, making you a well-rounded leader.
  9. Challenging and Rewarding Environment:
    • The dynamic nature of production operations, coupled with the responsibility to meet production targets, ensures a challenging and rewarding work environment. This role allows you to thrive in a setting that values performance and excellence.
  10. Contribution to Success:
    • Joining as a Team Leader means contributing significantly to the success of production operations. Your efforts will directly impact the achievement of production targets, contributing to the overall success and reputation of the organization.
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In summary, joining as a Team Leader in Production in Punjab, Pakistan provides a unique opportunity for professional growth, leadership development, and meaningful contributions to a globally recognized brand’s success.


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