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At Pak-Qatar Takaful, we believe in the power of togetherness for a better future. As Pakistan’s pioneer and the largest Takaful group,

we are dedicated to creating opportunities that not only enhance careers but also enrich lives. Currently, we are thrilled to announce that we are expanding our team and have an exciting opportunity available in Islamabad.

Join Our Team at Pak-Qatar Takaful – Empowering Careers, Enriching Lives

Position Available: Office Manager – Islamabad

Job Summary: As an Office Manager, you will be the driving force behind the efficient and smooth operation of our company. Reporting directly to the Managing Director, your role will encompass overseeing administrative functions, managing a dedicated team, and ensuring effective communication channels within the organization.

Qualifications and Skills:

  • Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration or a related field
  • Proven experience in office management or administrative roles
  • Exceptional communication and interpersonal abilities
  • Ability to handle confidential information with discretion
  • Preference will be given to female candidates

Key Responsibilities:

  • Act as a liaison between the Managing Director and various departments
  • Organize and schedule meetings, conferences, and appointments for the Managing Director
  • Lead and mentor administrative staff, fostering a collaborative and productive team culture
  • Oversee office supplies procurement and inventory management
  • Prepare reports, memos, and correspondence on behalf of the Managing Director
  • Maintain confidential company records and documents
  • Ensure proper filing, archiving, and retrieval of important documents
  • Arrange travel itineraries and accommodations for the Managing Director
  • Assist in budget preparation and monitor office-related expenses
  • Coordinate logistics for corporate events, including meetings and conferences
  • Supervise and coordinate daily administrative activities
  • Assign tasks and responsibilities to team members, ensuring deadlines are met
  • Maintain a clean and organized office environment
  • Manage office equipment maintenance and repairs
  • Handle transportation and security arrangements as needed
  • Ensure compliance with relevant regulations and standards
  • Promote a safe and secure working environment

What We Offer:

  • Competitive package along with market-competitive perks & benefits
  • A conducive working environment with opportunities for leadership and growth
  • Location: Islamabad

How to Apply: Ready to embark on a fulfilling career journey with Pak-Qatar Takaful? Visit our website here to submit your application online or send your updated CV to [email protected]. In the email subject, please mention “Office Manager – Islamabad”.

Join us in our mission to empower lives and shape a brighter future. Discover the possibilities with Pakistan’s pioneer and the largest Takaful group – Pak-Qatar Takaful.


Join Our Team at Pak-Qatar Takaful

Introduction to Pak-Qatar Takaful

Are you looking to join a dynamic and forward-thinking company? Look no further than Pak-Qatar Takaful! We are a leading provider of Takaful solutions in Pakistan, committed to delivering excellence in the insurance industry. With our strong values, inclusive culture, and exciting opportunities, working with us is more than just a job – it’s a chance to be part of something meaningful. So why work with us? Let’s find out!

Why Work with Us?

At Pak-Qatar Takaful, we believe that our employees are the driving force behind our success. We strive to create a work environment that is inclusive, collaborative, and supportive. Here are a few reasons why you should consider joining our team:

1. Meaningful Work: At Pak-Qatar Takaful, we provide ethical financial solutions based on Islamic principles. By working with us, you will have the opportunity to make a positive impact in people’s lives by offering them peace of mind through our innovative takaful products.

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2. Professional Development: We are committed to investing in the growth and development of our employees. We offer various training programs and workshops to enhance your skills and knowledge within the insurance industry.

3. Teamwork: Collaboration is at the heart of what we do at Pak-Qatar Takaful. You will have the chance to work alongside talented professionals who are passionate about their work and dedicated to delivering exceptional service to our customers.

4. Competitive Compensation: We recognize and appreciate hard work and offer competitive salaries along with other benefits such as medical coverage, performance bonuses, annual leaves, etc.

5. Work-Life Balance: We understand the importance of maintaining a healthy balance between work and personal life commitments. Our flexible working hours ensure that you can achieve this equilibrium without compromising on your productivity or well-being.

6.Career Growth: At Pak-Qatar Takaful, we encourage and support our employees to take on new challenges and opportunities. We have a culture of promoting from within and provide a clear career path for our employees to grow within the organization.

7. Diversity and Inclusion: We believe that diversity is essential for innovation and success. We are committed to creating an inclusive work environment where everyone feels respected, valued, and heard.

In conclusion, by joining Pak-Qatar Takaful, you will be part of a dynamic team that is dedicated to creating positive change in the insurance industry while also providing you with opportunities for personal and professional growth.

Inclusive Culture : At PQT ,we value diversity .

We believe in creating an inclusive culture where individuals from different backgrounds feel welcome , respected,and valued for their unique perspectives .

By joining Pak-Qatar Takaful team,you become part of an organization that not only values its employees but also provides opportunities for professional growth,collaboration,and making a meaningful difference.

Our Company Culture

At Pak-Qatar Takaful, we take great pride in fostering a company culture that promotes collaboration, innovation, and growth. We believe that our employees are the driving force behind our success, which is why we strive to create an environment where everyone feels valued and supported.

In our office, you’ll find a team of dedicated professionals who are passionate about what they do. We encourage open communication and actively seek input from every member of our team. This allows us to tap into diverse perspectives and ideas, leading to creative solutions that benefit both our customers and the company.

We also prioritize work-life balance at Pak-Qatar Takaful. We understand that happy employees are more productive employees, so we promote flexible working hours and provide ample opportunities for personal development. Whether it’s attending training workshops or pursuing further education, we invest in helping our employees reach their full potential.

Furthermore, teamwork is at the core of everything we do. We cultivate a supportive atmosphere where collaboration thrives – whether it’s through cross-departmental projects or brainstorming sessions. Our inclusive culture encourages individuals to share their expertise while learning from others’ experiences.

Giving back to the community is an integral part of our company culture. Through various corporate social responsibility initiatives, we aim to make a positive impact on society by supporting causes such as education and healthcare.

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Join us at Pak-Qatar Takaful if you’re looking for a workplace where your skills will be nurtured with care!

Current Job Opportunities

At Pak-Qatar Takaful, we believe that our employees are the key to our success. We are constantly on the lookout for talented individuals who can contribute to our dynamic team. If you are looking for a rewarding career in the insurance industry, then look no further!

We currently have several job opportunities available in various departments and locations across Pakistan. From sales and marketing to underwriting and claims processing, there is something for everyone at Pak-Qatar Takaful.

Whether you are an experienced professional or just starting out in your career, we offer a supportive work environment where you can learn and grow. We provide training programs to help you develop your skills and advance within the company.

If you have a passion for customer service, strong communication skills, and a drive to succeed, then we want to hear from you! Joining our team means becoming part of a company that values teamwork, innovation, and integrity.

To view our current job openings and apply online, visit our careers page on our website. Don’t miss out on this exciting opportunity to join one of Pakistan’s leading takaful companies. Take the first step towards building a successful future with Pak-Qatar Takaful today!

Benefits of Working at Pak-Qatar Takaful

At Pak-Qatar Takaful, we believe that our employees are our most valuable asset. That’s why we strive to provide a range of benefits and perks that make working with us not only fulfilling but also rewarding.

One of the key benefits of working at Pak-Qatar Takaful is the opportunity for professional growth and development. We offer regular training programs and workshops to enhance skills and knowledge in various disciplines. Whether you are just starting your career or looking to advance, we provide the support and resources needed to help you reach your full potential.

We also value work-life balance and understand the importance of personal well-being. Our flexible working hours allow employees to manage their time effectively, ensuring they have ample time for family, hobbies, and self-care activities.

In addition, as an employee at Pak-Qatar Takaful, you will be part of a diverse and inclusive work environment. We celebrate diversity in all its forms and foster an atmosphere where everyone feels valued and respected.

Furthermore, we offer competitive compensation packages tailored to reward performance and attract top talent in the industry. Along with a competitive salary, our comprehensive benefits package includes medical insurance coverage for you (and your dependents), retirement plans, paid time off, maternity/paternity leave options, employee discounts on products/services offered by partner organizations, among other attractive perks.

Joining our team at Pak-Qatar Takaful means being part of a dynamic organization committed to excellence. Don’t miss out on this incredible opportunity! Apply now!

Employee Testimonials

Our employees are the heart of Pak-Qatar Takaful, and their satisfaction and happiness is our top priority. Don’t just take our word for it – hear directly from some of our team members about why they love working at Pak-Qatar Takaful.

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“I have been with Pak-Qatar Takaful for over five years now, and I can honestly say that it has been a rewarding experience both professionally and personally. The company provides a supportive work environment where everyone’s ideas are valued. The management truly cares about the well-being of its employees.” – Sarah Ahmed, Sales Executive.

“Working at Pak-Qatar Takaful has given me numerous opportunities to grow in my career. The company invests in its employees’ development through training programs and workshops, which have helped me enhance my skills and knowledge. I feel empowered to take on new challenges.” – Ali Khan, Claims Officer.

“The work-life balance at Pak-Qatar Takaful is fantastic! Not only do we have flexible working hours but also ample vacation time to recharge ourselves. This allows me to spend quality time with my family while pursuing a fulfilling career.” – Ayesha Malik, Customer Service Representative.

At Pak-Qatar Takaful, we believe that happy employees lead to happy customers. That’s why we strive to create an inclusive and collaborative culture where every individual feels valued and respected.

Interested in joining our team? Keep reading to find out how you can apply!

Note: Remember not to use repetitive phrases or words like “employee testimonials,” “happy,” or “join our team” in your response as per the instructions provided above.

How to Apply and Join Our Team

If you are ready to take the next step in your career and join a dynamic team at Pak-Qatar Takaful, we would love to hear from you. To apply for any of our current job opportunities or to express your interest in joining our team, please visit our website and submit your application through our online portal.

Our recruitment process involves careful consideration of each applicant’s qualifications and skills, as well as their fit with our company culture. If selected for an interview, you will have the opportunity to showcase your abilities and learn more about the exciting work we do at Pak-Qatar Takaful.

At Pak-Qatar Takaful, we believe that attracting top talent is key to achieving success. We offer competitive salaries and benefits packages, including health insurance coverage, retirement plans, paid time off, training programs, and career development opportunities. We value work-life balance and strive to create a supportive environment where employees can thrive both personally and professionally.

But don’t just take it from us – here’s what some of our employees have to say about working at Pak-Qatar Takaful:

“I have been with Pak-Qatar Takaful for over five years now and I am constantly amazed by the growth opportunities provided here. The company truly values its employees’ contributions.” – Sarah Ahmed

“Pak-Qatar Takaful has a vibrant company culture that promotes teamwork and innovation. It’s refreshing to be part of an organization that encourages new ideas.”

So if you are looking for a rewarding career with a leading Islamic insurance provider in Pakistan, look no further than Pak-Qatar Takaful! Join us today by applying for one of our current job openings or expressing your interest in future opportunities. We can’t wait to welcome you into our team!

Remember: Position Available: Office Manager – Islamabad

Pak-Qatar Takaful


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