Join Opportunity: Data Collection and Survey Specialist

Join our dynamic team as we embark on impactful projects! We are currently seeking a skilled and motivated individual to fill the role of Data Collection and Survey Specialist at CERP (Center for Economic Research in Pakistan). If you have a passion for evidence-based decision-making and possess the necessary skills, we want to hear from you!


  • Collaborate with the project team to design, pilot test, and execute survey or administrative data-gathering exercises.
  • Ensure strict adherence to data quality protocols, including auditing enumerators and conducting daily checks of incoming data. Correct errors iteratively to maintain the highest data quality standards.
  • Oversee and monitor the training process for survey content and field protocols.


  • Master’s or bachelor’s degree in economics or any other Social Sciences subject.
  • A minimum of 2+ years of experience in a similar role.

Critical Skills:

  • Proficient in STATA/R/Python for data analysis.
  • Familiarity with analytics tools such as Microsoft Power BI and Google Analytics.
  • Working knowledge of data collection apps such as Survey CTO or ODK platforms.

Don’t miss the opportunity to contribute to meaningful research and make a difference. Apply now on our website.

Joining our team as a Data Collection and Survey Specialist at CERP offers a unique and rewarding experience for individuals seeking a dynamic and impactful career. Here are some compelling reasons to consider joining us:

  1. Contribute to Meaningful Projects: At CERP, we are dedicated to conducting research that matters. As a member of our team, you will play a crucial role in designing, implementing, and overseeing survey and data-gathering exercises that contribute to evidence-based decision-making.
  2. Professional Development Opportunities: We value continuous learning and development. Working with us provides an opportunity to enhance your skills and knowledge in data analysis, survey methodology, and the use of cutting-edge tools and technologies.
  3. Collaborative Team Environment: Join a team of passionate professionals who are committed to making a positive impact. Collaborate with experts in the field and contribute to a collaborative work environment where your ideas are valued.
  4. Commitment to Data Quality: CERP places a high priority on data quality. As a Data Collection and Survey Specialist, you will be at the forefront of ensuring the integrity and accuracy of the data collected, contributing to the credibility of our research.
  5. Use of Advanced Technologies: Gain hands-on experience with industry-standard tools such as STATA, R, Python, Microsoft Power BI, and Google Analytics. Familiarity with data collection apps like Survey CTO or ODK platforms will further enhance your skill set.
  6. Positive Work Culture: We believe in fostering a positive and inclusive work culture. Join a team that values diversity, collaboration, and a supportive working environment.
  7. Contribute to Social Sciences: If you have a passion for economics or other Social Sciences subjects, this role provides an opportunity to apply your academic background to real-world projects with a tangible impact.
  8. Career Growth Opportunities: CERP is committed to recognizing and nurturing talent. As a growing organization, we offer opportunities for career advancement and growth within the company.
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If you are looking for a challenging yet rewarding career where you can make a difference, grow professionally, and contribute to meaningful projects, apply now and become a valuable member of the CERP team.

Data Collection and Survey Specialist

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