Job Opportunities in Child Protection & Welfare Bureau – Punjab

Job Opportunities in Child Protection & Welfare Bureau

The Child Protection & Welfare Bureau (CPWB) in the province of Punjab, Pakistan, plays a crucial role in safeguarding and promoting the welfare of children in the region. As a government agency committed to ensuring the rights and protection of children, CPWB offers a range of diverse and rewarding job opportunities for individuals passionate about child welfare and social justice.

Here is an overview of the job opportunities available within CPWB:

  1. Child Protection Officers: These professionals are responsible for conducting assessments, investigations, and interventions in cases of child abuse, neglect, or exploitation. They work closely with families, communities, and law enforcement agencies to ensure the safety and well-being of children.
  2. Social Workers: Social workers in CPWB provide critical support to children and families facing various challenges, including poverty, domestic violence, and substance abuse. They offer counseling, case management, and connect families with essential services to improve their living conditions.
  3. Legal Advisors: Legal advisors within CPWB ensure that the legal rights of children are upheld. They provide legal counsel, represent children in court proceedings, and work to strengthen the legal framework for child protection in the region.
  4. Psychologists and Counselors: These professionals offer mental health and emotional support to children who have experienced trauma or abuse. They play a pivotal role in helping children cope with their experiences and move toward healing and recovery.
  5. Education and Rehabilitation Specialists: CPWB also employs specialists who focus on the educational and rehabilitation needs of children. They develop programs and initiatives aimed at improving the educational outcomes and life skills of vulnerable children.
  6. Administrative and Support Staff: Behind the scenes, CPWB requires a dedicated team of administrative professionals, including clerks, finance officers, and IT specialists, to ensure the smooth operation of the organization.
  7. Community Outreach Workers: Outreach workers connect with communities to raise awareness about child protection issues and CPWB’s services. They engage in community mobilization and education to prevent child abuse and neglect.
  8. Research and Policy Analysts: These professionals conduct research and analysis to inform policy development and program improvement. They help CPWB stay up-to-date with the latest trends and best practices in child protection.
  9. Child Rights Advocates: Advocates work on policy advocacy and lobbying efforts to strengthen child protection laws and policies at both the provincial and national levels.
  10. Trainers and Capacity Builders: CPWB also employs experts who provide training and capacity-building programs for staff, partner organizations, and stakeholders to enhance their knowledge and skills in child protection.
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Working for CPWB offers the opportunity to make a meaningful impact on the lives of vulnerable children in Punjab, Pakistan. It is a chance to contribute to the betterment of society by ensuring that children are provided with a safe and nurturing environment to grow and thrive. Additionally, CPWB often collaborates with international organizations and NGOs, offering opportunities for professionals to engage in global efforts to protect children’s rights.

Job seekers interested in child protection and welfare can find fulfilling career paths within CPWB, where their dedication and expertise can help create a safer and more equitable future for children in Punjab.

If you are passionate about making a meaningful impact on the lives of children and are seeking job opportunities in the field of child protection and welfare, you’ve come to the right place. Child Protection & Welfare Bureau, under the Home Department of Punjab, is inviting applications for several positions on a contract basis for a period of three years. In this blog post, we’ll provide you with key information about these positions.

Child Protection & Welfare Bureau Position Details

1. Child Protection Officer (BS-17)

  • Number of Posts: 04 (Including 01 post reserved for Women Quota)
  • Qualifications: Master’s Degree in Social Sciences, Social Work, Sociology, Statistics, Economics, Mathematics, Journalism, or Mass Communication (second division) from a university recognized by HEC.

2. Child Protection Officer (Legal) (BS-17)

  • Number of Posts: 04 (Including 01 post reserved for Woman Quota)
  • Qualifications: LLB (second division) from a university recognized by HEC with two years’ experience as an Advocate. Additionally, candidates must provide an experience certificate showing exact dates and complete information from the President of the High Court Bar Association, countersigned by the District & Sessions Judge concerned.

3. Nurse (BS-16)

  • Number of Posts: 11 (Including 02 posts reserved for Women Quota & 01 post reserved for Minority Quota)
  • Qualifications: Secondary School Certificate from a recognized Board with science (second division), three years’ diploma in nursing, and one year diploma in midwifery registered with Pakistan Nursing Council. Valid registration from Pakistan Nursing Council is mandatory.
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4. Child Psychologist (BS-17)

  • Number of Posts: 05 (Including 01 post reserved for Woman Quota)
  • Qualifications: Master’s Degree in Psychology (second division) from a university recognized by HEC.

Age and Gender Criteria

The age criteria for these positions vary as follows:

  • Child Protection Officer: Male (22 to 30+5 = 35 years), Female (22 to 30+8 = 38 years)
  • Child Protection Officer (Legal): Male (22 to 30+5 = 35 years), Female (22 to 30+8 = 38 years)
  • Nurse: Male (22 to 30+5 = 35 years), Female (22 to 30+8 = 38 years)
  • Child Psychologist: Male (22 to 30+5 = 35 years), Female (22 to 30+8 = 38 years)

Syllabus for Written Examination/Test

Candidates applying for these positions should be prepared for a written examination/test. The test will assess general knowledge, Pakistan Studies, current affairs, geography, English, basic mathematics, Urdu, everyday science, and basic computer studies. Additionally, there will be qualification-related questions.

Domicile and Place of Posting

Candidates domiciled in any district of the Province of Punjab are eligible for these positions. The place of posting will be across various locations in Punjab, depending on the specific position.

These positions offer an opportunity to contribute to the welfare and protection of children in Punjab. If you meet the qualifications and are passionate about this important cause, consider applying for one of these positions and make a positive impact on the lives of vulnerable children in the region.

Job Opportunities in Child Protection & Welfare Bureau - Punjab


  • Prior to initiating the online application process, please thoroughly review the “General Instructions regarding Application Fee, Written Test, Interview” available on the PPSC website at
  • It’s important to note that individuals employed by Semi-Government and Autonomous Bodies under the Federal or Provincial Government, as well as those working for Local Bodies, are not eligible for age concessions based on their service duration within these organizations.
  • If a candidate asserts that their qualifications are equivalent to the specified requirements, they must provide an equivalence certificate for their foreign or local qualification. This certificate should be issued by the Competent Authority of HEC/PMDC/PMC/PEC & QEDC of the relevant Administrative Department. The Commission will accept this certificate as final during the interview or whenever requested. Failure to provide this Equivalence Certificate will result in the cancellation of the candidate’s candidature.
  • If a candidate claims to have experience with a private firm/entity, they must produce evidence during the interview that the firm/entity is registered with SECP, Registrar of Firms, or another Regulatory Authority. Failing to do so will lead to the rejection of their application. Proof of registration must demonstrate that the private entity had registered status during the candidate’s claimed period of experience.
  • Candidates are required to apply for a Departmental Permission Certificate/NOC in their respective Department(s) immediately after applying for a specific post advertised by PPSC. This certificate should be provided at the time of the interview if the candidate is called.
  • Following their application for a particular PPSC-advertised post, candidates must ensure that they have obtained/applied for registration in PEC/PNC/PMDC/PMC/PVMC or any other relevant body for a Registration Certificate on or before the Closing Date. This certificate should be furnished during the interview if the candidate is invited.
  • Candidates should provide proof of their academic achievements, including marks obtained, total marks, or percentage, for all degrees. These certificates should be issued by the Competent Authority and submitted during the interview. Note that CGPA is not acceptable.
  • It’s important to rely solely on information available on the PPSC’s official website, Any information from sources other than the PPSC website may not be authentic or reliable.
  • Shorthand and Typing & Proficiency Tests, if required, will be conducted exclusively in Lahore.
  • In the event of a variation (increase or decrease) in the number of post(s) by the concerned department, new applications will not be solicited.
  • Applicants are strongly advised to make fee payments online through authorized channels, such as ATMs, Mobile Phone Banking, Internet Banking, Over-the-counter transactions (at the nearest “1Link Member Banks Branches”), Jazz Cash, Easy Paisa, U Paisa, and other available micro-finance banks. Further information on payment methods can be found on the PPSC website.
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