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Career opportunities as an Assistant Manager Production offer an exciting and dynamic pathway into the heart of manufacturing and operations. As an essential link between the production floor and higher management, Assistant Managers play a crucial role in maintaining efficient production processes while contributing to strategic decision-making.

In this role, you will find yourself immersed in a fast-paced environment, responsible for overseeing various aspects of the production process. Your primary objective will be to ensure that production targets are met or exceeded while maintaining high standards of quality, safety, and cost-effectiveness. You will collaborate closely with production teams, engineers, and other departments to streamline processes, troubleshoot issues, and implement improvements.

Assistant Manager Production Job Purpose:

Responsible for the manufacturing operations performed in a shift or group of production lines, ensuring they reach volume, quality, and cost.

Assistant Manager Production Job Responsibilities:

•    Controls Salt production activities, material flow, and inventory to achieve cost and quality targets and production schedules of the assigned production line(s)
•    Ensures compliance of standards
•    Responsible for the management and supervision of the assigned production line(s)
•    Maintain and Improve (Global Efficiency) GE & Operational Equipment Effectiveness (OEE) of machines and processing plant to analyze and improve their Daily Performance
•    Review and Analyze agreed Key Performance Indicators and ensure to maintain / improve the same
•    Refer Audits from External Bodies; and Internal GMP/OSHAS/QMS/FSSC audit within given target by management for attaining result in periodical audits and resolve the observation by taking appropriate and timely actions
•    Monitor Cost Tracking report of Production department
•    Reduce wastage continuously and increase productivity and quality
•    Plan, prioritize, and manage production line maintenance or downtimes to minimize disruptions to manufacturing schedules
•    Develop and implement manufacturing schedules and procedures and allocate labor and capital resources to maximize productivity
•    Manage RMS, PMS and GMS.
•    Complete recording of data related to accidents as well as incidents

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Assistant Manager Production Background Requirements:

Education: BE Mechanical/Industrial engineering
Experience: 5-8 years’ experience of managing production process and managing stores operations

Assistant Manager Production Skills Requirements:

•    Accuracy and attention to detail
•    Demonstrated excellence in oral, written, and electronic communications.
•    Excellent customer service skills
•    Excellent organizational skills
•    Ability to think critically and problem-solve
•    Negotiation & Vendor Management skills
•    Stakeholder Management
•    Conflict Resolution

Assistant Manager Production Key responsibilities typically include:

  1. Supervision and Coordination: You will oversee the work of production teams, ensuring that they are working efficiently, adhering to schedules, and delivering on production quotas. This involves scheduling shifts, assigning tasks, and managing workforce allocation.
  2. Process Optimization: Assistant Managers play a pivotal role in identifying opportunities to improve production processes. This might involve analyzing production data, identifying bottlenecks, and implementing strategies to enhance overall efficiency.
  3. Quality Control: Ensuring the final products meet quality standards is paramount. Assistant Managers collaborate with quality control personnel to ensure products are manufactured to specifications and that any deviations are promptly addressed.
  4. Resource Management: You’ll be responsible for managing resources such as materials, equipment, and labor. This includes monitoring inventory levels, coordinating maintenance, and making sure resources are utilized optimally.
  5. Health and Safety Compliance: Assistant Managers are champions of workplace safety. You’ll need to enforce safety protocols, ensure staff are trained in proper safety practices, and take action to prevent accidents.
  6. Reporting and Documentation: Accurate record-keeping is essential. You’ll generate reports on production metrics, such as output, efficiency, and waste. These reports help inform decision-making at higher levels.
  7. Team Leadership and Development: As a leader, you’ll provide guidance, mentorship, and support to your team members. Helping them develop their skills and fostering a positive work environment is crucial for long-term success.
  8. Problem Solving: Manufacturing can present unexpected challenges. Assistant Managers need to think on their feet, troubleshoot issues as they arise, and make quick decisions to minimize disruptions.
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Assistant Manager Production roles are found in various industries, including manufacturing, automotive, electronics, consumer goods, and more. To excel in this role, you should possess strong organizational skills, a keen attention to detail, effective communication abilities, and a solid understanding of production processes. As you gain experience and demonstrate your capabilities, you can progress to higher levels of management within the production or operations department.

Overall, a career as an Assistant Manager in Production offers a dynamic and rewarding path for individuals who are passionate about optimizing processes, ensuring quality, and contributing to the success of the manufacturing sector.

Requisition ID 3725 -before  10/27/2023 – Operations – Nooriabad – Operations Nooriabad
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About National Food

National Foods was founded in 1970 and started out as a Spice company. 3 decades later it has diversified into a versatile Food Company with over 110 products and 165 and above SKUs (Stock Keeping Unit) for the domestic market and over 100 different products for the international markets. The vision to see National Foods as a professionally managed Human Resource company, set more then 7 years ago, was realized by transforming a local company into a very dynamic and progressive management structure in line with industry practices. Competent Human Resources from within the company have fuelled tremendous growth by excelling in Functional Management.
Even after 3 decades the company’s focal point still remains on Customer’s needs through Product development in line with the changing market trends. In this innovative age of ever changing lifestyles, fuelled by the rampant development of technology; consumers have been compelled to change their eating habits.
National Foods responds to this challenge of developing innovative food products based on convenience and fast preparation in line with modern lifestyles and yet retains traditional values through its impressive collection of food products. The brand delivers its ultimate promise by consistently delivering value to its consumers. National Foods enriches family relationships by bringing people together for family traditions, feasts, seasonal holidays and of course – everyday life.

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