Exciting Opportunity Awaits: Join ChaseValue as HR Executive in Islamabad

Exciting Opportunity Awaits: Join ChaseValue as HR Executive in Islamabad.  Are you passionate about human resources and thrive in a dynamic, fast-paced environment? ChaseValue, a leading organization, is excited to announce a rewarding career opportunity for an HR Executive at our Islamabad branch. If you are a proactive, detail-oriented individual with a knack for managing HR operations, this role might be your perfect fit.

Join ChaseValue as HR Executive in Islamabad

Responsibilities You’ll Embrace:

As an HR Executive at ChaseValue, you will play a pivotal role in managing various HR functions, ensuring the smooth operation of our branch. Your responsibilities will include:

  1. Payroll Management: Efficiently manage, collect, and update necessary data to process payroll for branch staff and management, ensuring accuracy and timeliness.
  2. Reporting Expertise: Prepare and share consolidated data of left staff with the Head Office on a monthly basis. Generate and publish weekly, monthly, quarterly, and annual headcount reports, providing valuable insights to the management.
  3. Recruitment: Conduct interviews for walk-in candidates visiting branches, maintain comprehensive recruitment sheets, and create a talent pool for future hiring endeavors.
  4. Employee Onboarding: Create employee IDs for new staff and manage their biometric attendance on SMART HCM, ensuring a seamless onboarding experience.
  5. Grievance Handling: Address HR investigations at the branch level for staff grievances, taking necessary actions as per defined Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) to maintain a harmonious work environment.
  6. Exit Management: Conduct exit interviews for resigned staff, facilitating a smooth transition process and gathering valuable feedback for continuous improvement.
  7. Compliance and Welfare: Liaise with government officials for streamlined submissions (EOBI, PESSI, Labor Department, etc.) and process welfare claims in coordination with the Head Office Welfare department as per defined policies.
  8. Training and Orientation: Conduct orientation and training sessions for new staff, educating them about workplace policies and procedures, fostering a positive and informed work culture.
  9. Data Analysis: Prepare turnover/retention ratio reports on a monthly basis, contributing to data-driven decision-making processes.
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Location: Islamabad

How to Apply:

Are you ready to embark on this exciting HR journey with ChaseValue? We invite you to apply now by sending your resume to [email protected]. Be sure to mention the position title “HR Executive – Islamabad” in the subject line of your email.

At ChaseValue, we value talent, dedication, and a commitment to excellence. Join us in shaping a workplace where your skills are recognized, your ideas are valued, and your contributions make a real difference. Apply today and be part of our dedicated team, where every day offers new challenges and opportunities for personal and professional growth. Your rewarding career adventure awaits.

Why Choose ChaseValue: A Rewarding Journey Awaits!

At ChaseValue, we believe in more than just offering jobs; we provide opportunities for passionate individuals to build fulfilling careers. Joining us means becoming a part of a dynamic, innovative, and inclusive workplace where your talents are valued, and your potential is nurtured. Here are compelling reasons why you should choose ChaseValue for your professional journey:

**1. ** A Culture of Respect and Collaboration: We foster an environment of respect, collaboration, and mutual support. At ChaseValue, every team member is valued and respected, and diverse perspectives are encouraged. We believe that a harmonious workplace leads to creativity and innovation.

**2. ** Opportunities for Growth: Your career path matters to us. ChaseValue is committed to providing opportunities for growth and development. We offer training programs, skill enhancement initiatives, and mentorship opportunities, empowering you to achieve your career goals and aspirations.

**3. ** Meritocracy and Recognition: We recognize and reward merit. Your hard work, dedication, and accomplishments are acknowledged and celebrated. We have a performance-driven culture where your efforts are appreciated and rewarded, fostering a sense of pride and motivation.

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**4. ** Innovation and Creativity: We encourage innovation and creativity in our work. At ChaseValue, you will have the freedom to think outside the box, contribute fresh ideas, and explore creative solutions. Your innovative spirit will be nurtured, allowing you to make a meaningful impact.

**5. ** Commitment to Employee Well-being: We care about our employees’ well-being. ChaseValue provides a supportive work environment where your health, safety, and work-life balance are prioritized. We believe that a healthy, happy team is a productive team.

**6. ** Diverse and Inclusive Workplace: Diversity is our strength. We celebrate and embrace diversity in all its forms. Our inclusive workplace values individuals from different backgrounds, cultures, and perspectives. Your unique qualities contribute to our rich tapestry of talent.

**7. ** Making a Difference Together: At ChaseValue, we are more than just a company; we are a community. We believe in giving back to society and making a positive impact. Joining us means becoming a part of initiatives that contribute to the community, allowing you to create a positive change alongside your colleagues.

**8. ** Exciting Challenges and Opportunities: Every day at ChaseValue presents new challenges and opportunities for growth. If you thrive in a dynamic, fast-paced environment where innovation and collaboration are valued, you will find your place here.

Choosing ChaseValue means becoming a member of a team that values your skills, appreciates your contributions, and provides a platform for your personal and professional growth. If you are looking for a workplace where your potential is recognized and your career aspirations are supported, ChaseValue welcomes you to embark on this rewarding journey with us. Join us, and let’s create a future of excellence and success together.

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Join ChaseValue as HR Executive in Islamabad


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