Join BankIslami : We’re Hiring a Corporate Communication Manager

Join BankIslami and Promote Ethical Banking: We’re Hiring a Corporate Communication Manager. Are you passionate about ethical banking

and effective communication? BankIslami is looking for a talented Corporate Communication Manager to help us lead the way in promoting financial ethics. Join us in our mission to save humanity from Riba (usury) and make a meaningful impact.

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Position: Manager Corporate Communication Department: Marketing

Job Description:

At BankIslami, we’re not just a bank; we’re a movement to redefine banking ethics. We are seeking a Manager of Corporate Communication who shares our vision and can help us communicate it effectively to the world. Here’s what the role entails:

1. Strategic Communication:

  • Develop and execute corporate communication strategies that align with the Bank’s vision, mission, and objectives.

2. Media Relations:

  • Prepare press releases, manage social and conventional media relations, and handle crisis communication.

3. Data Coordination:

  • Collaborate with various departments to collect data for social media and online engagement.

4. Reputation Management:

  • Monitor media coverage and report on the bank’s presence and reputation across all communication materials.

5. Stakeholder Engagement:

  • Build and maintain relationships with stakeholders, such as customers, to effectively convey the Bank’s messages.

6. Events and PR:

  • Plan and execute corporate events and PR activities that highlight our commitment to ethical banking.

7. Industry Awareness:

  • Stay updated on industry communication trends and best practices.

8. Performance Evaluation:

  • Monitor and evaluate the effectiveness of communication efforts through multiple measurement tools.

9. Media Relationships:

  • Build and manage relationships with media outlets to ensure a positive image of the Bank.
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Job Requirements:

  • A Master’s or Bachelor’s degree in Communications, Public Relations, Journalism, Marketing, or a related field.
  • Demonstrated professional experience in corporate communication and public relations.
  • Profound knowledge of media relations and crisis communication strategies.
  • Competence in overseeing social media platforms and digital communication channels.
  • Proficiency in managing high-pressure situations while maintaining strict confidentiality.
  • Exceptional organizational and project management capabilities.
  • Familiarity with essential communication and media monitoring software and tools.

Application Deadline: October 6th Location: Karachi

Apply to: [email protected] Please mention the job title in the subject line.

BankIslami is an equal opportunity employer committed to diversity and inclusion in the workplace.

For any inquiries, reach us at: 24/7 Phone Banking: (021) 111-ISLAMI (111-475264)

Join BankIslami in our mission to save humanity from Riba and be part of a banking revolution that puts ethics at the forefront. Apply today and become a driving force behind ethical banking practices.

 Join BankIslami : We're Hiring a Corporate Communication

Why This Role Matters:

As a Corporate Communication Manager at BankIslami, you play a pivotal role in shaping our image and conveying our commitment to ethical banking practices. You’ll be at the forefront of our mission to save humanity from Riba (usury) by promoting financial ethics and responsible banking. Here’s why this role matters:

1. Ethical Banking Advocacy:

  • BankIslami is dedicated to providing Shariah-compliant banking solutions. Your role is critical in communicating the importance of ethical banking practices and guiding our customers towards financial products that align with their values.

2. Building Trust:

  • Trust is the cornerstone of the banking industry. Your efforts in media relations, crisis communication, and reputation management will directly contribute to building and maintaining trust in BankIslami.
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3. Customer Engagement:

  • Engaging with our customers and stakeholders is key to our success. You’ll have the opportunity to foster meaningful relationships, ensuring that our customers understand our ethical approach and values.

4. Industry Influence:

  • Stay updated on industry communication trends and best practices. Your insights and innovative communication strategies will position BankIslami as a thought leader in the ethical banking sector.

5. Event Management:

  • Plan and execute corporate events and PR activities that go beyond typical banking promotions. You’ll create events that emphasize our ethical stance, demonstrating our commitment to a better financial future.

6. Crisis Management:

  • Your role will involve handling crisis communication with grace and professionalism. Your ability to manage high-pressure situations while preserving confidentiality will be invaluable in maintaining our reputation.

7. Impactful Reporting:

  • Monitoring media coverage and evaluating communication effectiveness through various measurement tools will help us continuously improve our communication strategies and make data-driven decisions.

8. Media Relations:

  • Your relationships with media outlets will enable us to share our message effectively. You’ll work closely with journalists and influencers to ensure a positive image of BankIslami in the media.

9. Banking Revolution:

  • Join us in being part of a banking revolution that prioritizes ethics and values. BankIslami is not just a bank; it’s a movement, and you will be a crucial part of driving this movement forward.

10. Equal Opportunity: – BankIslami is an equal opportunity employer that embraces diversity and inclusion. Your contribution to promoting diversity within our workforce will be appreciated and valued.

In this role, you will have the unique opportunity to use your communication expertise to make a meaningful impact on the banking industry. Your work will not only benefit the bank but also contribute to the larger goal of promoting ethical financial practices that benefit society as a whole. Join BankIslami and be a part of this exciting journey toward a more ethical and responsible banking future. Apply today!

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